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Hands On

I’ve had many people ask just how involved I really am in the Deborah Norville Collection.  Answer:  Totally!  With the team at Premier, I am part of the initial brainstorm sessions all the way through to selecting colors and doing test runs of the yarns.  Before it gets to you, it has to get past me, and that’s not always easy. 

I have never lent my name to any product before and for me, it was more than just putting my name on something.  It had to be good – something I would spend money for to have.  And I have personally test driven every selection of yarn we produce.  Sometimes they don’t pass muster.  I recall one early version of yarn that just didn’t perform.  I didn’t like the way it felt in my hands, it didn’t work up the way I thought it should.  With some hesitation, I picked up the phone to call my partners with my bad reviews.  They had already come to the same conclusion.  For me, it was a happy reminder that across the board, the quality of the Premier/Deborah Norville product has to be tops.

I have visited the mills in Turkey where the yarn is manufactured.  Coming from a family background in textiles (third generation to be exact!), I was familiar with some of the processes and machinery.  The mill where DN yarn is made is truly state of the art.  You can see for yourself by viewing my photo album of my trip.

I am also very concerned about price.  I don’t think you can get a better value out there.  As one lady wrote me, “I’ll never use Red Heart again after using Deborah Norville yarn.”  No intention to disparage a competitor, but our yarn is soft, durable, and incredibly affordable.  Your time is valuable.  I don’t want you spending your precious hours making a project that quickly falls apart.  And – if you’re going to spend hours making something, your hands better be happy while you do.  This yarn feels yummy!

And your wallet will be happy too – as our yarns are competitively priced.  You won’t find a better product at such an affordable price point.