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It may seem odd to draw a direct connection between knitting and sewing and a career as an Emmy winning journalist, but that’s the path my life has taken.  From early (pathetic!) attempts at daisy stitch embroidery to knitting gifts for family and friends to making my own clothes, I am convinced the confidence I’ve built from ‘making it myself’ has enabled me to take on some often daunting challenges as a journalist.  Start small, don’t be afraid to take your time – but give it a whirl.  See if YOU don’t feel a bit more competent at everything ….all because you ‘made it yourself.’


The Deborah Norville Yarn Collection

{IMAGE – trailing yard (typo!)_.jpg  in CRAFT Folder/knitting for Redstage/Knitting for Redstage subfolder}

It’s every knitter and crocheter’s dream:  find a yarn that feels delicious in your hands that won’t break the bank.  With the Deborah Norville Collection of yarns, it’s here. 

A total of 144 yarns in four popular weights, the Serenity Collection stands out for its softness and its variety of colors.

 Serenity Chunky   {image of yarn weight #5}{IMAGE: yarn knitting.jpg} {image of chunky skein (in Knit for Redstage sub/sub folder)- The yarn with 500, 600, and 700 series numbers are all CHUNKY weight}

Want instant gratification?  Serenity Chunky knits up quickly.  I especially like this for bulky sweaters and mittens & scarves.  Click HERE to see and shop the complete Serenity Chunky collection  

(This will then click through to the collection of CHUNKY YARNS, repeat the IMAGES above (#5 weight; yarn knitting) and show thumbnails of all colors with 500,600,700 labels )  EACH thumbnail will hyperlink to    This is the Chunky store page

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NOTE- I created a separate Serenity Chunky File which has ALL the images directly from the Premier FTP.  They are larger in size and thus better quality images than those found in the Knit for Redstage folder.

Serenity Sock

{image of  weight # _1}{IMAGE:  Serentiy Sock Weight1,jpg in Serenity from PREMIER sub folder} {image of yarns - The yarn with 104 and 108 series numbers are all SOCK weight (also they are sock pix too!)}

Lots of socks.  That’s the rage among knitters right now and with the Serenity Sock collection, even the most rabid sock fiend will find something intriguing.  Click HERE to see and shop the complete Serenity Sock collection

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Serenity Worsted

{image of weight # -4}{IMAGE of Worstedweightball.jpg from       S Serenity Worsted folder{image of yarns The yarn pix with the 400 series number are all WORSTED weight} NOTE:  The pix of yarn colors in the Serentiy Worsted from PREMIER folder are the SAME as for the Sport Weight. Use the same jpgs for BOTH files, but use a different hyperlink address.

The best all purpose yarn you will find.  This all-round yarn is ideal for most of your needlework projects and the collection of vibrant colors is sure to offer something for everyone.  And it’s unbelievably soft. Click HERE to see and shop the complete Serenity Worsted collection.

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Serenity Sport

{image of weigth # -2}{IMAGE – Sportweightball.jpg in Serenity Sport of PREMIER folder}{image of yarns - The yarn pix with the 300 series numbers are all SPORT WEIGHT}

The ideal yarn for baby projects is also perfect for friendship shawls and scarves. Serenity Sport is especially attractive for its draping qualities. Click HERE to see and shop the complete Serenity Sport collection.

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Deborah Norville Collection also available in these fine stores.

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FREE PROJECTS – (each of these can be  ‘cued’ up to appear in the CRAFT  homepage revolving window --)  The short name (underlined below) will also be what appears in a link /list on the right hand side of the category page. EACH will have an image to show.

Funky Pig Trio  {Funky Pig.jpg – Funky Pigs pattern – in ftp website upload }

Delight the child (or young at heart) in your life with this amusing trio of porcine friends.  Made with Serenity Worsted, you’ll have as big smile on your face while you crochet this project as will the person you give it to.  CROCHET

Folk Lace Shawl   {Folk Lace Scarf .pdf in Knitting for Redstage file  picture: burgundy shawl.jpg in ftp upload 2} –

Your ‘go to’ wrap not matter what the occasion. I have this one made up in Serenity Sport several colors and it’s a chic (and warm) at a red carpet event as it is with jeans and shirt.  KNIT

Super Simple Socks  {super simple socks.jpg & pattern in knitting for Redtage file}

Socks rock!  Especially when they are worked up in Serenity Sock yarn.  For years I was intimidated by the idea of making socks.  Now that I’ve found out how easy they are, I am trying to make up for lost time!  KNIT

Cool Hot Water Bottle{water bottle .jpg & waterbottle cover.jpg in ftp upload 2}

The perfect gift!  There’s nothing more cozy that climbing into bed on a chilly night with a toasty hot water bottle tucked among the sheets.  This pattern works up quickly in Serenity Chunky and lets people know you really care.  KNIT.

Mittens – {mittens picture & mitten & beret.jpg  in in knitting for Redstage }

Even the three little kittens won’t lose their mittens when they are worked up in Serenity Chunky yarn.  Soft and snuggly and a super fast project for those of us with more desire to knit than time.  KNIT

Scarf  - {mitten shot outside.jpg in ftp upload 2 and scarf pattern.jpg in knitting for Redstage }

 The universal ‘first project’ for knitters.  This scarf is attainable for even the most novice of knitters.  Worked in Serenity Chunky, even life long knitters will fall in love with this project.  KNIT

Beret  - {mittens shot & mitten & beret.jpg in knitting for Redstage }

Look snappy and stay warm with this easy-to-complete project.  Why not make the mittens, scarf, and beret in the same Serenity Chunky and really make a fashion statement?  KNIT

Toboggan – (tobaggan & tobaggan pattern in knitting for Redstage (sub/sub)

A sporty way to stay warm.  Work this pattern in one of the fast knitting Serenity Chunky yarns or use your favorite worsted (two strands at once) and speed through this easy project.  KNIT

Chain Fringe Shawl  {chaing fringe shawl pic & pattern ) in knitting for redstage

A fun quick to make piece using Deborah Norville Sock yarn.  CROCHET

Movement Shawl –{Movement shawl pic & pattern in knitting for Redstage }

Another variation on a popular pattern.  Perfect for any age group.  KNIT

Hoodies – {hoodie pic and pattern in knitting for Redstage }

Make ‘em for the entire family.  This pattern is sized from Toddler to Extra Extra large Adult!  KNIT

Flowers in Window Quilt –{flowers in window pic & pattern  knitting for Redstage}

A fun variation on the traditional granny square quilt.  Experiment with different colors and make it unique!  CROCHET

Knit Pullover  {knit pullover pattern & pic in knitting for Redstage } 

The amazing team at Premier Yarns designed and knit this incredibly cozy pullover.  Worked in Serenity Worsted, it is incredibly comfortable – and since the Serenity collection of yarns loves the washing machine, I never worry about wearing it messy.  KNIT

Doggie Sweater  - {doggie sweater pic & Pattern  in knitting Redstage }

This cute little dog belongs to Vicki who is one of the creative geniuses at Premier Yarns.  The sweater is just what he needs to be warm and fashionable!  CROCHET

Chunky Basket – {chunky basket pic & pattern in knitting for Redstage }

Use of your leftover yarn with this fun easy to do basket.  CROCHET

Baby Blanket – {baby blanket pic & pattern in knitting for Redstage}

It’s soft and pretty.  Need I say more?  KNIT

Car Seat Blanket – {car seat pic & pattern in Knitting for Redstage }

How I WISH I’d had something like this when my children we babies.  This wonderful pattern cleverly fits around the safety straps of most child carriers.  CROCHET

Dropstitch Afghan  - {dropstich pic & pattern in knitting for  Redstage} 

This is a great afghan that works up quickly because you use more than one skein of yarn at the same time. 

Crochet Afghan – {crochet afghan pic & pattern )

This is a wonderfully cozy blanket, done in Serenity Chunky. I like my blankets extra large, so I recommend you get a few extra balls of yarn and make it a bit longer than this pattern calls for. 

Learn to Knit   (this will come later … just no time now!)

{IMAGE:  knit hand.jpg  in ftip upload 2}   Always wanted to learn to knit but intimidated by those lightning fast knitters you’ve seen in action? Forget it!  It’s a cinch – you just need to have someone show you the ropes (or yarn!)

Click  HERE for a video lesson in how to cast on.  (That’s how to twist the yarn onto the needle to get started.

Click HERE for a video lesson in how to do the knit stitch.

Click HERE for a video lesson in how to do the purl stitch.

Click HERE for a video lesson in how you can add stitches.

Click HERE for a video lesson in how to decrease stitches.

Click HERE for a video lesson in how to cast off (finish) a project.

KNIT PICTUREs – The yarn pix with the 300 series numbers are all SPORT WEIGHT

The yarn pix with the 400 series number are all WORSTED weight

The yarn with 500, 600, and 700 series numbers are all CHUNKY weight

The yarn with 104 and 108 series numbers are all SOCK weight (also they are sock pix too!)

Other crafts projects

Dresser box  - {craft box jpg & craft box download pattern in ftp upload 2}  When my daughter was born, she was given a beautiful fabric covered box that had been purchased from a very pricey Madison Avenue store.  It just killed me to see it get soiled.  Then I figured out how to make it myself!  A great gift idea! 

Kid’s Work Apron  -{craft kind apron and craft apronstr download in ftp upload 2}  Kids love to wear aprons and mom’s love to keep kids clean.  This project keeps everyone happy – and using purchased kitchen towels, it’s a cinch to make!

Cookie Mix ­ - {craft cookie mix jpg &   }  The perfect hostess gift or teacher’s present.  My friend who teaches small children says the last thing she wants are “homemade” cookies – she says, “I know where those hands have been!”  But how thoughtful to give the ingredients for those cookies!  Use a large sized glass jar, layer the ingredients, and print the attached recipe, put on hard cardstock and tie with a ribbon.

Brag Book  - Carry your favorite photos in style.  {IMAGE brag book} jpg/