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Where When?

My schedule often changes on a dime, it goes with the territory of working on a television news program.  Here are a few of the upcoming events and appearances.

  • May 24 – Webcast – Deborah joins Dr. Laurie Ferguson of talking about new strategies living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  6-8pm Eastern time at  Register in advance!
  • June 5 – Stitch & Pitch – New York, NY – Citifield.  Deborah leads knitters & crocheters as an attempt is made to set a new Guinness World Record.  Join the crowd at Citifield just prior to the Mets/Marlins major league baseball game! 
  • June 9 –NewWay RA – media interviews introducing the second season of the NewWay RA webcast
  • June 22 –Prudential Women’s Conference – Deborah speaks to this gathering of high powered financial women.
  • July 1 –Delta Delta Delta National Convention – Deborah delivers keynote address at the annual sorority convention.  Book signing to follow.  Orlando, FL.
  • July 8 – Florida Teacher of the Year – Deborah returns to host this inspirational event honoring Florida’s most outstanding teacher.  Sponsored by Macy’s.  Orlando, FL
  • July 21 – ConEdison Women – Deborah speaks to this gathering of middle and upper management women at ConEd.

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