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Thank You Power comes to school

    I was watching The View the other morning when you were on it promoting your book Thank You Power and at the time I was in a pickle because I had to choose a topic for a paper for an English class I am in for college and I wanted to choice something that would affect everyone and it something that was not like abortion or same-sex marriage because those have been done to death. When I saw that segment, I knew that this topic was perfect.
    The next day I picked up the book and couldn’'t put it down. It gave me so much inspiration to really stop and be thankful for everything in my life. Every day I am trying to be thankful for three things and I find it easier and easier to pick three things plus more. I loved the verse Ezekiel 36:26 where it talks about God blessing us with a new heart and I felt that it was talking right to me because recently a lot of bad things have happened to me and my heart had turned to stone and I began to hate God because of those things, but now I realize that they are happening for a reason and I need to find the positive things in them. I just want to say Thank You, this book has truly touched my life. 


Wow – Mia,

that is so totally cool.  I am beyond touched by your words!

- Deborah