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Cut Your Car's Gas Consumption

Maybe buying a more fuel efficient automobile isn’t in the budget right now, but there are still ways you can cut your car’s gas consumption.  Consider these tips courtesy Consumer Reports magazine.

  • Slow down.  Reducing your speed from 75 to 55 mph can increase gas mileage by 1/3 in a large vehicle.
  • Drop the drag.  Still got the roof-top carrier on the car?  Take if off.  The aerodynamic drag reduces fuel efficiency by 6 mph.  Jam luggage into the car instead of on the roof if at all possible.
  • Stop the Stop-n-Start.  Along with not making your passengers nauseous, you’ll also boost mileage by at least 2 miles per gallon.
  • Premium or Regular?  Almost all the car manuals say use premium or super gasoline to improve performance.  Most cars do fine on regular.  Give it a try – if your car starts pinging, it’s telling you to switch back to the pricier stuff.  If not, stick with regular.