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Fergie's Excuse

The latest chapter in what once read like a fairy tale is a sad one for Sarah Ferguson, at the moment still the Duchess of York.  Does her excuse excuse her behavior?  Read on...

So Sarah Ferguson does a confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey, blaming the demon rum for her latest embarrassments.  "I was drunk," she said as she watched the undercover footage which appeared to confirm reports that she was selling 'access' to her ex-husband in exchange for cash.  Yet in the same Oprah interview, Fergie claims she was only trying to get some quick cash to help a 'friend' who needed to pay school fees.  Drunk, but still charitable?  It begs credibility.

Remember, the conversation about providing a meeting with Prince Andrew was first started at the Mark Hotel in New York City -- the undercover sting with the devastating handshake on video took place in London.  If for the sake of argument, Ms. Ferguson was inebrieted enough to consider such a deal in New York, surely she would have sobered up by the time she reached London to reconsider.  As for her conduct on the tape, what has been released to the public doesn't appear to depict a woman out of control.  The outstretched hand, the clear instructions on how to wire the money, the handshake to seal the deal all look legit to the average viewer.

Ms. Ferguson is rightly chagrined by how it's all turned out.  Her ex is said to be furious, there have been rumors the Queen might consider stripping the Duchess of her remaining title.  How sad for her two daughters -- now poised young women -- to witness and fully understand their mother's embarrassment.  My heart aches for them -- and their mother.

It is a cautionary tale for anyone who finds fame -- and in Fergie's case, squanders the fortune that came along with it.  Some say Sarah Ferguson will again escape to the United States where Americans are said to root for a 'comeback.'    After her disastrous divorce, spawned by ill chosen companions with a penchant for public toe sucking, Ferguson came to the States -- made millions as a Weight Watchers spokesperson, found a ready audience for her children's books, and was often invited to fancy black tie dinners.  Yet the millions managed to slip through her fingers like sand, the Duchess says she is deeply in debt. 

America does love a comeback.  We are a nation that values hard work and puts a premium on values.  But many Americans also subscribe to the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice -- shame on ME."  A public 'comeback' might not be Sarah Ferguson's best-advised move right now.