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New World Record

We Did It!

427 people officially set a new Guinness Word Record for Most People Crocheting Simultaneously.  As a thanks to all who came, we're offering a special discount  on Deborah Norville Yarn.  Enter the  GOMETS coupon code for a 15% discount at Premier Yarns.

It was a terrific day at CitiField.  More than 650 people signed up for this year's Stitch & Pitch.  Everyone went home with TWO tote bags.  It was sports bag day at the ball park -- plus -- the Stitch & Pitch crew got a nifty tote bag perfect for hauling those craft projects around.  Not everyone knew how to crochet, so I gave a quick lesson to the crowd.  For some, it was just a matter of making a LOOOOONG chain -- but heck, it WAS crocheting and it counted for the record!

Congrats to all who made it out -- and to the METS who beat the Marlins 6-1!  Want to see if Stitch & Pitch is coming to your area?  Click HERE.