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Positive Vibes at the Ballfield

It may not seem like much - you might even laugh.  But there was a lot of positivity at Citifield this weekend - even BEFORE the Mets beat the Marlins.  In this techno-world, it had everything to do with NON-tech crafting.  For more, including a Daily News article, read on ...

Elsewhere I've told you about the 600+ who came to Mets Stitch and Pitch  -- the New York Daily News wrote a nice piece, which you can see HERE.   

What you wont find in that article, but you felt throughout Section 5311 (yes, nosebleed level, but surprisingly good seats), was a sense that the people who worked to set a new crocheting record were reconnecting with something very old and pure.  The notion of usiing one's hands to create something of value  -- most likely for someone else.  Everyone was given a tote bag with Mets colored yarn and a hook ...

One of my son's got the hang of it and crocheted a LONG chain ... not knowing how to do anything else.  Hey, it's all part of the record.  I took his long chain, turned it, and began making a Mets scarf .. a hopeful gesture on our Mets-loving family's part.  Maybe the Amazin's will make it into late season play when one would be THRILLED to need a blue and orange scarf to stay warm during the playoffs.

Okay.  Maybe THAT is fantasy thinking  -- but someone will wear that scarf, playoffs or not.  And when they do, they'll remember our family's outing to Citifield, they'll recall they were part of a "world record" event -- and they'll have that warm fuzzy feeling that no one EVER gets from anything with a microchip.