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Good Things Happen in Bad Times

The recent economic collapse has decimated savings and destroyed businesses, but for the confident the worst of times can be the best of times.  Check out these iconic businesses and brands that were launched during what was the economic calamity of those times.

  • FedEx – FedEx was started in 1973, just as jet fuel prices were beginning to skyrocket and just a couple of years before gasoline rationing was implemented. 
  • People Magazine – No one buys advertising much during a recession.  Nonetheless Time Inc. launched People magazine in 1974.  Derided by some as trivial, People went on to become the most successful magazine in the nation.
  • Pringles & Pampers – both were launched by Procter and Gamble during the 70’s recession. 
  • Miracle Whip – was launched during the Great Depression and premiered at the 1934 World’s Fair.  It’s a mainstay to this day at Kraft Foods.
  • Monopoly – also launched during the Depression.  In 1930, inventor Charles Darrow invented the game, which he tried to sell to Parker Brothers a few years later.  Turned down by the toymaker, he produced it himself.  Parker Brothers later noticed the games success and bought it – Monopoly went on to become the best selling board game of all time.
  • IPod – The IPod was introduced just two weeks after the terrorist attack of September 11th
  • JCrew, Applebee’s, CostCo – All were launched during recessions.