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Lost Lohan

Tuesday's decision by Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel may finally be the kick in the pants  troubled star Lindsay Lohan needs to finally get her act together.  It was a kick with a steel toed boot, too, as the Judge gave a sentence three times that which was recommended by prosecutors for Lohan's probation violation.  Is it fair?  Read on ...

For nearly three years, Lohan's behavior has indicated she hasn't taken seriously the DUI charges against her.  Seven times she missed her scheduled alcohol education classes.  If Lindsay truly saw the charges against her as any sort of impediment or black mark on her reputation, she would have dealt with them swiftly and put it behind her.  And they sycophants she has around her should have insisted on that.

So many people have come forward saying they have "her best interests" at heart.  Evidence of that has been hard to find.  A concerned parent would have escorted their troubled adult child to the required classes.  A caring friend who wanted to see their pal stay on the path toward sobirety would have suggested game night at home instead of participating in a night on the town.

The other night, the Disney Channel re-ran both "Freaky Friday" and "Parent Trap," two films that highlight just how much promise and potential the 'old' Lindsay Lohan had.  I watched Freaky Friday with my own daughter, filled with regret over just how badly Lohan's life had turned out.  It didn't have to end this way.

Can she get it back?  I suspect the talent is still there, though that fresh faced innocence has been erased by the "California lifestyle."    Will her career be waiting for her when she does her jail ti me (likely to be no more than roughly three weeks).  Free advice is worth exactly what you pay.  But my advice to Miss Lindsay would be to use the two weeks before her jail time begins to research a good long term treatment facility to deal with her issues, addiction being, I suspect only one of them.  Use those days behind bars as a time for introspection and self-examination.  Spend the months after  her release away from the eyes of the press -- getting help, with a gag order on your family, friends and handlers.  Let the world spin without you.  Figure out who you are, what you want, and what is the best way to achieve it. 

The downward spiral for Lindsay Lohan was frighteninly fast.  The climb back will be slow.  I'm hoping she makes it back up the mountain.