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Chelsea's Wedding

She was a beautiful bride, he an adoring groom, the parents appropriately joyous.  And that's about all we know about the Clinton/Mezvinsky wedding -- how refreshing is that?!  In an age of unrelenting 'openness,' the Clintons managed to keep a private family event -- private.

Perhaps years from now, historians and anthropologists will look back on this period at the age of exhibitionism -- when American society seemed  obsessed with knowing everything about everyone.  Facebook allows total strangers to know your dating status, 'what's on your mind,' and even see your vacation photos.  Twitter enables one to push their random thoughts (and sponsored advertising messages!) to anyone who cares to 'follow' you.  Reality tv gives ne'er do wells and wanna be's their extended fifteen minutes of fame.  And -- yes, during his years in the  White House, we knew way too much about Bill Clinton, thanks to the Paula Jones lawsuit and Monica Lewinsky scandal.

It seems poetic then, that very little information was made public -- or slipped out -- about Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  Media outlets -- including the one I work for -- scurried to learn what we could, travelled to Rhinebeck when it appeared that would be the venue, speculated over which of the likely designer suspects would be doing the gown -- and generally added to the frenzy about the pending wedding.  Oprah, Obama, Spielberg -- all would be there 'those in the know' reported.  It made me sad to think Miss Clinton's wedding would be populated by such luminaries.  Oh sure, they'd bring a great gift -- but somehow it seemed to me that such big stars would steal limelight from the one person meant to shine on a wedding day -- the bride.  "It goes with the territory," I thought, thinking once again, how Chelsea was probably resigned to it, as she'd no doubt had to put up with cameras on vacation and secret service on prom nights.  She was probably used to it.

But wonder of wonders -- the press (happily!) got it wrong!  The guests were .... just guests.  Friends of the couple, long time friends of the family -- not political paybacks.  Someone snarkily reported the wedding was the first Clinton family event that wasn't a fund raiser.  So unfair.

No, this event was just what it was meant to be.  A  mom and dad throwing the biggest bash they could for their only daughter -- their own dollars, not the taxpayers -- and an evening to remember it no doubt was.  But then, that's what weddings are supposed to be:  moments to remember and cherish for a lifetime, not because of who was on the guestlist -- but because of the vows exchanged, the faith formally placed in another, the outward commitment and confirmation that together the couple is much stronger than the sum of each individual.

I don't know much about the Clinton wedding -- and I couldn't care less.  The bride was happy.  The groom was glowing.  The sunset was spectacular.  May the joy that's so apparent in the official picture that was released be with the couple for a lifetime -- and while we're looking at that picture, may the rest of us remember our own wedding vows, the happy glow of our own wedding day, and let those memories rekindle our own relationships with the ones we love.