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Tiny Gesture/Big Impact

School has barely started and I haven't met any of my daughter's teacher yet-- but I already know a great deal about one of them.  It has nothing to do with the teacher's plans for the coming year (not that I have heard a huge amount about what is planned in that or any other class-- we are entering that pre-teen 'whuh' monosyllabic phase of life.

But there was no mistaking the wonder and amazement about one realization made the very first day of school:  "She knows my name.  She knows ALL our names!" 

With her head shaking in disbelief, my daughter described how she and her classmates were astonished as their new teacher identified each child (no one was wearing name tags) seated in the classroom.  "How'd she do that?" I asked.  With a note of incredulty in her voice, my little girl replied:  "She studied the yearbook and learned all our names and faces from the pictures.  She even knew where the mistakes were in the yearbook!"

"That must have taken her forEVER," she said with 'Valley-girl' style emphasis.

"That would have taken a long time," I agreed.  "How'd it make you feel?"

"Really special," came the reply.

The name thing apparently had wider impact that just with my daughter.  Today when driving her and a friend in the car, I overhear her pal bring up the teacher who knew their names.  She, too, was dumbfounded by the effort.  "She even knew that three girls didn't like to go by their real names and she already knew the nicknames they prefer."  I asked the playmate the same question, "How's that make you feel?" 

"Happy," was her response.

Hmmm.  A class filled with happy kids who feel special.  You think they'll learn alot this year???

I can't wait till parent/teacher night this year.  There is one teacher I am really eager to greet.  Somehow I bet we parents will feel pretty happy and special too.