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Think Positive

Change your thoughts and you change your world

---Norman Vincent Peale

The new Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positve has been flying off the shelves since I started talking about it October 8th, first on Good Morning America and later on Inside Edition.  In fact, sales were so robust the nice folks at marked it down -- a special price because it has been a 'top seller!'  So take advantage of that!

Want a sneak peek?  Here's the foreward I contributed!

A lot of people asked me how I came to be involved with the book, the answer is simple:  they asked!  Actually, they were probably inclined to approach me because of one of my earlier books, Thank You Power, which looked at the science behind gratitude.  Feeling good can acutally make you smarter, more energetic, more prone to do nice things for others, better at problem solving -- to name a few.

But for a lot of us -- FEELING GOOD -- is easier said than done.  Sometimes we need a little 'nudge' to get us over the hump of depression, self pity, lethargy, -- whatever it is that's keeping us down.  Trust me, I know whereof I speak on this -- being sunny and positive doesn't come naturally to me -- it's a learned behavior!  That's why Think Positive is such an important little book.  The 101 short stories it shares all have a common thread of leaving the reader feeling just a bit uplilfted, gratified about their own lot in life, amazed and in awe of the accomplishments of the authors.  It's that tiny bit of "positive" that makes it easier to 'think positive' about our own lives.

Want proof?  Well, how about hearing from a lady who just send me an email after she picked up Think Positive.

Here's what she had to say -- (I am deleting her name to protect her privacy):


Dear Deborah,
I woke up this morning and could not get past my sadness.  I cried all morning and then I remembered seeing you on GMA on Friday with the new book Think Positive.  My life has been beyond overwhelming these days with a health issue with my Dad.  I find myself turning to all the negative things in my life rather than reveling in all the reasons I have to be grateful.  I hae read a few stories and I am hoping I can find the positive in my life everyday.  I will try to turn to this book often.  When the book needs me or when I need the book. 

I have followed you over the years from one of the first times you filled in on the Today show.  I loved the foreword in the book and I am hoping to take these words and "Change my thoughts so I can change the world"  At least turn my own ship into a more positive direction.  Thank you.  I am hoping this will be the turning point in my life.

My best,



I hope for this lady the stories in Think Positve ARE helpful in steering her little ship into the right direction.  I am glad Think Positive was a bit of a life preserver when she needed.  That's the reason all 101 people shared their stories and themselves in the book.  Please feel free to share your stories of hope and happiness here.  I promise to protect your privacy.

Click HERE to buy the book.