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A Second Chance

The homeless man with the Golden Voice, Ted Williams, has been given an amazing opportunity for a second chance.  But that possibility is there for all of us -- and we don't need the national media to seize it! 

I had the opportunity to interview Ted Williams and his 90-year-old mother today, just two days after the whirlwind of his 'discover' on the internet.  If you don't know his story (we're glad you have come out from the cave you must have been in!), he's the former radio broadcaster whose life spiraled down after he fell to the vices of drugs and drink.  He lost everything:  his job, his family, his home, his dignity. 

It was a fascinating interview in which he talked about sleeping on the side of the road -- safre and less fraught with temptation to relapse, he says, than sleeping in a shelter.  He talked about the hierarchy of 'flagging,' the name homeless folks use for waving a sign and begging for handouts.  He said he expected nothing from the reporter who gave him a few bucks in exchange for filming him speaking with his melodious voice.

He also talked about his gratitude for this second chance, his apologies for screwing up his family life and his intentions to attend AA meetings and surround himself with people who won't steer him back toward drugs and drink.  His mother was adament about that!

It remains if Mr. Williams' good intentions will be realized -- he's got the whole country pulling for him.

But the second chance he's been offered is one many readers might long for.  Who among us doesn't have regrets about missing opportunities or roads not taken.  Well -- today's the day.  You don't need to be 'discovered' on YouTube.  You don't need an interview on GMA, or Today or Inside Edition.  Just a will and the energy to follow through with it.

What's your goal?  What do you need to get there?  Where can you go for help?  Who in your circle wishes you well -- ask them for assistance?  Chances are you are not in as dire a state as Ted Williams was as he rang in the New Year. 

Write it down ( research shows people who put their goals on paper have a 40% great chance of achieving them).  Plot your strategy.  And go for it.