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Medicare DeMystified - Look Who's Turning 65!

Look who's turning 65! George W. Bush. Susan Sarandon. Donald Trump. Susan Lucci. Stephen Spielberg. As you read this today, 10,000 people are turning 65 in e United States - and will be EVERY DAY for the next 19 years. Those staggering numbers underscore just how big the baby boom is. And here's something else: All those 65-year-old Boomers are also now eligible for Medicare. Recently I taped a show for the folks over at RLTV called "Making Medicare Work for You: Boomers Welcome to Medicare."  See HERE for stations.  

I had no idea how complicated the whole Medicare process could be! But, when you break down the key points and take it step by step, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. So while Pat Sajak (yup, him too!) may still be spinning that Wheel of Fortune, off the set, he's going to be sifting through brochures and folders of Medicare information the 65-year-old set will be receiving. OR he could just tune into Making Medicare Work for You.

The experts on the show have done the heavy lifting and the result is a program explaining in plain English eligibility periods, deadlines (and what happens if you miss them), and how to compare what seems like a myriad of options for Medicare recipients. Best of all, there are a number of websites presented that provide unbiased, free information to help you compare plans and choose the one best for you.  Believe it or not, one of the best is actually the government's own Medicare website --  For once, your tax dollars ARE working for you or someone you care about!