Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

Who needs to visit Disney World?  The stock market roller coaster is enough of a wild ride!

As gold hits record highs and fear seems to be winning hearts and minds, wouldn't it be nice to see some leadership -- not press conferences  -- come from Washington DC.  Perhaps the men and women who serve in Congress might consider skipping their vacation and coming back to DC and working -- not bickering.  How about a budget?  How about a real deficit reduction plan.  Waiting for the Supercommittee until November/December?  Imagine how the markets will react in interim if nothing happens?

Business will get back to business when it knows the policies it has to live by won't sabotage its efforts to produce products, provide services, employe people, and -- curse words to some, i know:  make a profit! 

Perhaps JFK had it right:  

“Paradoxically the way to increase tax revenues is to cut tax rates.”

President John F. Kennedy