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9/11 Remembered

     Ten years after the terror attack on America, we pause to remember what we lost that day.  And what we've gained ...

We lost our innocence, a sense that America was somehow invulnerable to the tribulations we had seen other countries endure.  Terrorism hit home and hit hard. 

But we gained, particularly during those weeks and months after the attacks, was a renewed appreciation of what it means to be an American.  Our ideals and our way of life were targeted that horrible day, but ten years later, it's my hope that our collective belief in American exceptionalism, the notion that we stand for what is right, that we are a place of opportunity for everyone, that the result of hard work and tenacity is success are ideals that continue to be attainable.

Alot has changed since 9/11.  Like steel, we have been tempered by the adversities of the past ten yearss -- and stronger for it.  I know where I was September 11th. You know where you are.  Some of us know people who did not come home that day.  Others of us know people who've died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of that day.  If those of us who remain continue to try to be the best we can be and achieve what we as Americans can achieve -- their deaths will still be poignant, but not in vain.

Today I remember John, Rob, LIndsey, and Karen -- who died ten years ago.  Bless their souls and the families and friends they left behind.