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Protesting What Exactly?

They say it's getting pretty smelly down in lower Manhattan where the Occupy Wall Street protests are now entering their fourth week.  What exactly is being protested seems to vary depending upon whom you talk to down there.  Earlier this week, one protester admitted to the New York Times that being a part of the gathering has been good for at least one thing:  his waistlline.  He says he's gained about five pounds from all the free food.  Perhaps that's the attraction.

The crew certainly didn't win points for its breadth of knowledge when it wandered uptown to visit the homes of those "1 percent" who they claim are the source of many of America's ills.  While some may have wondered how they financed their trip north on the subway system, others were curious as to how and why they selected their targets,  J.P.Morgan/Chase head Jamie Dimon being one of them.  Not only did Mr. Dimon NOT endorse the bank bailout, his company employs over 200,000 people.  Presumably all of them are very grateful for a job -- something the folks sleeping on the streets near the stock exchange apparently don't have.