Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

Rick Perry may have torpedoed his presidential hopes with his 53 second 'brown out' during the recent Republican presidential debate.  Would a little ESTROGEN have helped?  Maybe not for guys -- but a new study just out from Vanderbilt U. may be a Godsend to those women who keep forgetting ....well, lots of things. 

As the baby boomer generation hits menopause, more and more women are finding they just can't remember the little things the way they used to.  Could estrogen loss be to blame... and can the addition of estrogen be the solution?  A new study just completed by Vanderbilt University researchers has some intriguing findings on the use of estrogen for short term memory issues among post-menopausal women. 

Key to this is short term use of the earlier studies have shows significant adverse health effects for long term estrogen use.  See the study HERE.