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Helpful Homework Links

Here you'll find some links that have been absolute lifesavers in my house. While parents are supposed to be fonts of endless knowledge, sometimes my knowledge well runs dry. Each of these sites is places I have discovered (usually during a frantic late evening search to help a kid answer a question that stumps both of us). I have no connection to any of these sites except as a grateful parent!

An awesome place with lots of links to a variety of subjects. A great first place to start when you are stumped. 

And who doesn't need help with Algebra?! This site has both instruction and quizzes to make sure that your child truly understands the subject matter. Homework/Study Tips – One of the sites, it's not the best organized, but sometimes wandering around here can help you find what you need.

Your tax dollars at work - from FEMA, no less! If your kid's got a report on some sort of disaster, this is a good place to start for information on fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. 

Just a neat site from the Discovery cable channel.

 A little bit of everything … and a Godsend for those late nights when your kid realizes ‘they forgot’ a critical assignment.  US History & facts, Math, Science, Sports – make this a first stop when the Homework Panic kicks in! 

Ask Dr. Math is a fabulous website from Drexel University which has helped me “re-learn” all that math I used to know – and enabled me to help my kids with their challenging Math homework.  So far, I haven’t asked Dr. Math anything he couldn’t tell me! 

I love this site … it lets you access all sorts of Q & A on a variety of subjects from academic subjects to business &  marketing, ethics, and tons of sports categories.  Whether you’re helping your children or just like to challenge yourself, you’ll get a kick out of this site! 

 FREE WORKSHEETS!  I have used this site a zillion times – and you will find a treasure trove of sheets that are grade appropriate through 5th grade.  I’ve made a contribution, but you should too!