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Working Parent

When you work, you have one job. When you are a parent, that's at least a job and a half -- and if you throw another job on top of that, you get overloaded and a very precarious house of cards. The woman who thought she was superwoman had to wave the white flag last year when the extra job simply became too much!

Some of the bigger decisions in life really aren't that hard to make. My older sister once said, "You'll just know," when I asked her how you knew you'd met the man you were destined to marry.   My decision to step away from MSNBC a few years ago wasn't that hard to make either. The evidence I needed was lying right in my doorway.

I'd come home late from work, having just signed off from Deborah Norville TONIGHT at 10 o'clock at night. It was about 10:30pm, everyone in my family was sound asleep. There, on the threshold of my bedroom door, was a collection of workbooks, carefully arranged, each open to the page of homework awaiting Mommy's once over. As I sat on the floor, going over the relationship of direct objects to verbs, making sure the place holders were in the right spot on the long division problems, it wasn't hard to acknowledge this was no way to help a child with his homework. The next day, there would be about seven minutes between the last gulp of Cheerios and the dash for school for me to go over the mistakes I found in the assignment. That is not the best way to parent. Not the optimal way to help a child learn.

There's an old saying sailors know, "Time and tide wait for no man." Or woman, I would add. There simply weren't enough hours in my day to do right by everyone to whom I had a responsibility. Giving up the MSNBC show, as much as intellectually I relished that hour of primetime, was the right thing to do. When I saw my children's faces each brighten when I told each one (individually) that I was stepping down, that decision was reaffirmed.

Many of you first emailed me thanks to something you reacted to on the MSNBC show. It IS more 'me' than Inside Edition, because I've had the freedom to challenge wacky things guests have said or point out inconsistencies in statements, as I know you're doing when you watch the show at home. Like me, I know a lot of doing when you watch the show at home. Like me, I know a lot of YOU yell at the TV when the interviewer asks a stupid question. I tried not to do that too often, but when I did, you let me know! And I appreciated it!

Life is filled with choices and choosing isn’t always easy.  Each of our stories is different and will play out in their own unique ways.  All I know for me … is when I’ve chosen on the side of family, I have always received a sign the decision was right.