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Everyone works hard for their money and wants to make the most of it. 

RECORD CREDIT DELINQUENCIES {IMAGE – Credit card.jpg in} U.S. consumer loans and credit card deliquencies hit a record high in 2nd quarter 2009, with the slowing economy taking a greater toll on working Americans.  The rate of late payments is the highest since the American Banking Association began tracking delinquencies in 1974.   Want to get the best credit rate out there?  Compare credit card rates found HERE.  


Do you brown bag or buy your lunch?  The answer could make a significant difference in the size of your bank account!   Too busy to make a lunch before you head to work?  How does $3600 sound?  That’s what you could save in just four years if instead of buying that $10 lunch everyday, you ate out only half as often every month.  Want to see what your savings could be?  Check out’s lunch calculator HERE.  


It’s the other inevitable in life – taxes.  Got a question and you want the ‘official’ answer?  Call the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS has actual humans standing by to answer your tax questions from 7am until 10pm.  For Personal tax questions call 1-800-829-1040.  For Business Tax questions call 800-829-4933.  For the IRS website listing of frequently asked questions, click HERE

401k or 201k?

The market collapse of 2008/2009 decimated millions of Americans savings.  It’s estimated $7 trillion in US stock wealth.  Did your 401k shrink to a 201k?  Is your company’s plan

Important Forms to Download

IRS 1040  { IRS 1040 in ftp upload 2}

IRS Form 941 {IRS Form 941 in ftp upload 2}

IRS W4 Form {IRS W4 in ftp upload 2}

IRS W 9 {IRS W9 in ftp upload 2}

Social Security Card Application {ss-5.dpf form in ftp upload 2}

US Passport form DM – 11 –{Passport DM-11.pdf in ftp upload 2}


Passport Information & travel Advisories –

Lunch Savings Calculator

Find the best Credit Card Rate