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Smart Eating Doesn't Have To Eliminate Fast Food

While the headlines may scream concerns about an H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic, there’s another health crisis already here – with potentially longer lasting implications. America’s battle with the bulge.  Around the country, millions of Americans get at five or more meals a week from a paper bag – fast food collected from any of the hundreds of easy in/easy out/easy-to-eat outlets. 

If you’ve resolved to eat more responsibly, does that mean YOU’VE got to give up fast food?  Not at all !  But you have to be smart about the way you choose.

McDonald’s lunch:  You could go for a Big Mac, large sized fries and a 16 ounce chocolate shake – at a cost of 1710 calories and 44 total grams of fat.  But if you selected McDonald’s Bacon Ranch salad with Balsamic vinegar dressing, a four-piece Chicken McNuggets, and a bottle of water, you could also have a dessert of Apple Dippers with the caramel dip and still have consumed only 450 calories and just 19 grams of fat.

Red Lobster’s Steak and Lobster Oscar looks jaw droppingly good, but it’s the calorie count that might leave you aghast:  990 calories with a fat count of 60 total grams!  The Broiled Seafood platter with 280 calories and 8 grams fat or the Blackened Catfish (380 calories with 18 grams fat) are tasty substitutes.