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Budget Friendly Facial

There is nothing more luxurious than going to a spa and being treated to a magnificent facial.  Until, that is, you get the bill.  Yikes!  The shock sends your eyebrows arching toward your hairline, your jaw dropping, and the stress immediately undoes any benefits of the previous hour.  How about a do-it-yourself home facial that costs next to nothing and is actually good for you?  Don’t laugh when you see what it is.

Take one egg, separated, and beat the white into a froth that is not quite stiff.  It will be firm, but not stiff peaks.  Apply to a clean face and lay down (face up!) until it dries, about 25 minutes.    Ideally, you are in a room with soft music playing and a scented candle to enhance the mood.  When dry, gently wash the egg white and moisturize as usual.  This relaxing treatment is actually GOOD for your skin.

Click HERE to see what happens when I gave one of these on the TV show, “The Doctors.”    (that will link to Doctors short video segment to be added once it airs.)