Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

Decorating Dilemma

What do you do when you’ve got more to renovate but the budget’s run out?  Improvise.  This Powder Room was in desperate need of a redo but the cost of renovating a bathroom was prohibited.  So since necessity’s the mother of invention (and budget constraints can always inspire creativity!), I went with a creative approach to this odd shaped bath with angular walls. 

The bath was floor to ceiling white low-budget tile, the sort of thing you’d find in an institutional setting not a private home.  Since removing the tile was out of the question, I decided to cover it – with padded fabric walls.  I used ¼” strips of wooden lathe, attached through the grout at the ceiling and floor.  Next, I staple gunned quilt batting the length of the walls.  Step three involved covering the walls with this warm animal print.  The tricky part was the entire room had to be fabricated on the sewing machine BEFORE I attached the fabric to the wooden lathes.  The construction motto “Measure twice, cut once” was one to live by!

Once the fabric was cut and sewn, with the patterns matched on the seams, I stapled it to the top and pulled it taught to the floor.  Fabric covered cording covered the staples at the top while walnut stained baseboards were affixed to hide the attachments at the bottom.  A self-curtain in the same fabric brings unity to the small space and hides the ugly (never-used) shower.  Swedish prints hang on the opposite walls, with the nails driven into the grout seams beneath the fabric walls. 

Cost:  A few hundred dollars for the materials and a couple of sleepless nights.