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Lord give me patience and give it NOW!  Sadly, I identify with that saying.  There is nothing more frustrating that to be told a piece of furniture you want will be available – in THREE months!  When I was told that (along with a price tag of $1200!), I thought, “I can do it myself.”  And thus began my adventures in woodworking.

“How hard could it be?”  I asked myself as I studied the fabric covered headboard I needed for my new bedroom?  “Not very,” I answered back to myself and thus made friends with the dude at the hardware store down the street from my offices at Inside Edition.  With my measurements carefully noted (and a fresh application of the perfume I discovered he liked), I’d cab it down to the lumber yard and buy the 4 x 4s, L-brackets, and plywood I needed for my project.  The right perfume meant he’d cut my 4 x 4s the size I needed – a task just too difficult for me and my power saw.

But I successfully cut out the undulating shape I needed for the top of my headboard.  With the pieces joined, I stapled 2” foam to the board, making an indentation about 3 ½” from the outer upper edge.  I then affixed my ivory matellasse’ fabric from the back, stretching it over the foam, and stapling where I would be adding a self cording.  It probably would have gone faster if I’d had an extra pair of hands to help stretch the fabric, but as you can see, the end result came out great! The bed hasn’t broken yet and this bit of handiwork landed me a small article in “Woodworking” magazine.  I am sure I am the only television newscaster who’s been featured in there!