Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

Fabric Wonders

What a difference a bit of fabric can make!  This beautiful Cowtan and Tout fabric was a bit more pricey than I am comfortable spending, but I managed to make two yards go a LONG way.  Just a square here and there has been a wonderful addition as I redo my living room.  This once plain Jane chair is an inviting and elegant piece now that I’ve switched out the plain muslin seat for this silk/cotton print. 


The old piano bench was long overdue for a facelift.  Less than a half yard of my fabric was needed to recover the bench.  After removing each of the brass nailheads and the old silk cover, I stretched my new fabric across.  (Work in a PLUS sign (+) pattern, stapling at the top and stretching to the opposite side, then working left to right in the same manner).  After nailing the brass tacks back in, I had a gorgeous ‘new’ bench that might even encourage the kids to practice their piano a bit more often.