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The Green Way to Decorate

Yes, bamboo is a wonderful environmentally friendly material, but that’s not what this is about.  One of the ‘greenest’ ways to decorate is to find new uses for old things.  Have you checked auctions?  You’d be stunned to see how many beautiful drapes in outrageously expensive fabrics are being offered for sale.  The estimates are a fraction of the cost and often have no limit.  That means you can ‘low ball’ with a bid and very likely win!  You’ll find fine pieces of furniture that way too.  But that all costs money…and who wants to spend it if they don’t have to??

The greenest way to decorate is to shop your own home and find new uses for old things.  My bedroom is a perfect example:  the canopy and drapes first saw duty as dining room drapes back in1989!  I once read that famed designer Mario Buatta recycled his drapes.  I figured if he could do it, so could I!

Think your home needs a facelift, but you haven’t got the budget for new things?  Try putting old pieces in new places.  I moved a clock from my living room to my dining room and completely changed the feel of both rooms – for the better!  What about putting your bed on an angle – giving it a ‘hotel’ feel?  What would happen if you took EVERYTHING out of your bathroom, put up a new shower curtain and towels.  Hit the Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond for coordinated containers and collate your toiletries in a new fresh way.  OK, that will cost a bit, but you could achieve the same thing with color coordinated canisters.  What about taking a few of the million cylindrical flower vases you probably have collected and use them?

The act of purging your cupboards is incredibly cathartic and probably healthy too.  Chances are you’ve got makeup past its prime, over-the-counter drugs that are long expired and prescription medicines that should no longer be consumed.  (Be sure you dispose of these kinds of things safely!)  Being able to open your medicine cabinet without fear of seventeen things falling is a pretty cool experience!