Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

The CHUNKY Story

Chunky Serenity was my favorite the minute I laid eyes on it.  The moment I knitted with it, I was sold for good.  It’s a soft yet substantial yarn that feels as good in your hands while knitting it as it does on the finished project.  I am cursed with an intolerably low patience level and Serenity Chunky is just the thing for me.  Fat yarn plus fat needles equals a speedy payoff.  With my size ten needles, I have whipped out scarves and hats well before I get bored!  And I’ve found when I mix the Chunky with say, two pieces Serenity Sport, I can feed my creative need to ‘do my own thing’ and still knock out projects with blazing speed.

Evidently everyone else agrees.  Our vendors just can’t keep it on the shelves.  I even had an email from a woman who said she actually called her local store to find out when the Deborah Norville yarn was being delivered.  She arrived on the appointed day and she still didn’t get the Chunky yarn.  They sold it all the minute it was loaded on the shelves!