Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden


Serenity Worsted is a yarn I find I just keep reordering ( and yes, I order just like you can via the  Premier Yarns Website .They give me such grief at the office, “Deborah, we’ll send it to you for free!” but I like to go on line and order the way the rest of the world does.  How else can I know that you are getting the service that you have the right to expect?!

My latest shipment of Serenity Worsted was in bright reds, blacks, and cream to make the drop stitch afghan you’ll find here on the website.   Now that the kids are big enough to stop spilling drinks all over the family room, I have redone everything and a couple of those afghans will be the perfect snuggly accessory that will both ‘make’ the room and encourage the family to gather  together for movies.

I like the worsted because it really is that do-everything yarn.  There really isn’t anything you can’t make thanks to the tremendous range of solid colors.  And frankly, that’s a problem.  Because you can do anything with Serenity Worsted, I want to do everything.  I just can’t find the time for that!