Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

The SOCK Story

Serenity Sock yarn has been a huge hit – and I think that’s because of both the variety and the quality of the yarn.  I confess, I have NOT been caught up by the sock craze.  My penchant for fast projects makes me less than the ideal candidate for size three needles and really skinny yarn.  But I forced myself to give socks a try.  “Wow!  How cool this Serenity Sock yarn is,” I thought as the ribbing began to take shape on my first sock.  Using Lavender Topaz, I persevered and fell in love with the rich coloring. 

Serenity Sock is great for a lot more than just socks too.  I heard from a lady who was using the sock yarn for a shawl and needed something in gold and brown colors to go with a dress she had.  I recommended Citrine, which has  flash of color along with the rich earth tones that sounded right for her outfit.  The tiny bit of wool is just enough to make socks (or whatever) feel right – but not so much that people like me who really don’t like wools are bothered.