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Required Reading

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge -   If you run a business or aspire to – or work in one, you’ll find something of interest here.  HAVE LOGO

Council of Foreign Relations -  I’ve been a subscriber to CFR’s Policy Journal since forever.  This site is required reading if you want insights on events around the world and their impact on your life.  HAVE LOGO

MIT – Sloan School of Management   Troll through here and be challenged by the many articles and videos on management, entrepreneurship, and business.  You’ll be better for it.  HAVE LOGO

Kauffman Foundation -  If business growth is going to get America OUT of the economic mess it is it, entrepreneurship is a critical component in helping businesses grow.  A study by Kauffman found  1% of firms generate 40% of all jobs – so it’s important to get the RIGHT firms going.  Explore this site for interesting insights.  HAVE LOGO

Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum -  I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year event for the past several years, interviewing some of the top CEOs in the country.  Their insights  -- and the others you’ll find here – are tremendously helpful as you reposition yourself for the future of success you envision.  Click around the site, it’s not easy to navigate, but make a point of watching the “Thought Center Webcasts” for frank, real time insights from some of the best in the business   HAVE LOGO ( EY logo )

ACCENTURE -    You’ve seen the ads at the airport and probably recall their former association with Tiger Woods.  This company’s all about ‘performance’ and throughout their website you’ll find articles, videos and downloadable white papers that may give you an edge in business.    I’ve spent time with some of the women of Accenture – and high achievement is their middle name!  HAVE LOGO

Test Designer  I love this site … it lets you access all sorts of Q & A on a variety of subjects from academic subjects to business &  marketing, ethics, and tons of sports categories.  Whether you’re helping your children or just like to challenge yourself, you’ll get a kick out of this site!  HAVE LOGO