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Deb's Faves

Laura Geller  Balance-n-Brighten and Bronze-n-Brighten.  These two products will change your world.  Laura’s a NYC makeup artist whose made me look good lots of times.  Now everyone benefits with her terrific makeup line.  These two are must haves.  The “Balance” brushes on to even skin tones without foundation and “Bronze” gives you a sunkissed glow while letting your skin breathe.  (


Avon’s Anew Clinical Derma-Fill   I first got this as a gift from Avon and then went on to buy more.  You’ll love the way this serum  makes your skin feel young again.  The swirls are cool too. Use under  moisturizer.

Vaseline & Baby Oil There’s nothing trendy about these but I’ve sworn by them for years.  Rub Vaseline on your beat up feet and sleep with socks and be amazed at how soft they are.  Forget expensive makeup removers,  baby oil gently dissolves the day’s makeup and city grime.  Add it to bathwater for an affordable spa moment.  Use baby oil as your body lotion immediately after a shower to keep your skin hydrated.  And yes, it’s good for babies too.