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Stroke Alert

Stroke Alert

The recent stroke suffered by 41-year-old Beau Biden (son of the VP) is a reminder that strokes are increasing among younger Americans.  Since the 90’s, strokes have nearly doubled among adults 20-45, from 4% to 7%.  High blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are among the causes.  Do YOU know how to recognize signs of stroke?  Remember these letters:  S-T-R.  Smile - Talk - Raise.

Signs of a stroke are not always easy to detect.  It’s not called a silent killer for nothing.  A stroke is an interruption of the blood supply to any part of the brain.  It isn’t always apparent, but there are a few easy-to-remember ways to help detect stroke.  If you see ANY of these signs, call 911.  It’s always safer to err on the side of caution.

SMILE.  Ask the individual to smile.  A crooked smile is NOT good.

TALK.  Ask the person to speak a simple coherent sentence.

RAISE.  As the person to raise both their arms.  Does one arm drift?

Another sign is the TONGUE.  Ask the person to stick out their tongue.  If it is crooked, it could be a sign of stroke. 

Time is of the essence with stroke – brain cells die quickly.  For more information, visit the National Stroke Association website.