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Something More 

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found this book in my mailbox.  “Something More” by Chuck Adams is a wonderful read by a remarkable man who has quietly inspired me ever since I met him more than a decade ago.  I love the title:  Something More.  Don’t we all think there is something more out there for us?  More zest for life, more peace and tranquility, more love and happiness, more security? 

Chuck has probably felt that longing more keenly than most of us – and he puts it into words in a way that we all can relate to.  He writes of the story of a young man, paraplegic since birth as a result of a delivery room mishap.  It is in fact, Chuck Adams story.  Many people would give up and say the hell with life.  In fact, the doctors advised his parents to have their newborn, handicapped baby put in an institution.  That was out of the question for the Adamses.  Thoughtout his life, Chuck has met with those who all too quickly say, “You can’t.”  To which Chuck has always responded, “You’ll see,” and then he shows them.   His quiet strength has so impressed me, I wrote about Chuck in one of my books, Thank You Power .

That’s Chuck at the book launch party for Thank You Power. You’ll find he inspires you too, both in his new book – a labor of love for many years that has finally come to fruition. 

Yes, the naysayers told him his book wouldn’t happen either.  And true to form, Chuck Adams showed the naysayers to never bet against him.  How many times have you heard, “You can’t?”  How often have you wondered if there wasn’t “something more?”  Let Chuck Adams’ dignity and determination help you too be able to say, “Oh yes I can.”  Click HERE to learn more about “Something More.”