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Serenity Chunky

Want instant gratification? Serenity Chunky knits up quickly. My fave for fast projects! I especially like this for bulky sweaters and mittens & scarves.

100% Super Fine Acrylic
Yards Yards: 109.0 Ounces: 3.50
Yarn Weight #5

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Chunky Serenity was my favorite the minute I laid eyes on it. The moment I knitted with it, I was sold for good. It's a soft yet substantial yarn that feels as good in your hands while knitting it as it does on the finished project. I am cursed with an intolerably low patience level and Serenity Chunky is just the thing for me. More »


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image description Yup, it's me! I've had many people ask just how involved I really am in the Deborah Norville Collection. Answer: Totally! With the team at Premier, I am part of the initial brainstorm sessions all the way through to selecting colors and doing test runs of the yarns. Before it gets to you, it has to get past me, and that's not always easy. Read On »


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image description The blogosphere is filled with chat about Deborah Norville yarns.

Bonnie's blog says "Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Yarns are one of my favorites to knit with. They are very soft, gorgeous colors, and are the perfect yarn for my knitted beanies." Thanks, Bonnie! More »