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Yarn in the News

image description You're seeing Deborah Norville Yarn all OVER the place! On Atlanta's Good Day Atlanta on PBS's Knitting Daily Show and elsewhere, Deborah's sharing her passion for knitting and crochet with viewers everywhere. Click MORE to watch some clips!


image description It's a thrill to see what others have made with Deborah Norville yarn. Check out this beautiful layette crocheted with DN Sport Weight -- what a lucky baby! More »


image description Cookie Mix - perfect teacher gift! More »


image description This jewelry/cuff link box is amazingly easy. I was "inspired" by a box my then- infant daughter received. Hers had a hefty price tag, but this one costs nothing but time! Download the pattern HERE More »


image description Brag Book - Easy, inexpensive craft project.

Download the pattern HERE More »


Who should craft? Anyone who wants to be more confident, less stressed, and more connected to the people and things that are important. The process of creating something unique is 'de-stressing.' The act of sharing that craft time with others (or the item made) strengthens personal bonds. And I know from personal experience, years of crafting - having 'done-it-myself' - has made me much more self-confident. It's why I've been adament about encouraging my old kids to discover some skill about which they feel a sense of mastery. The confidence comes from that! More »