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Serenity Sock

Lots of socks. That’s the rage among knitters right now and with the Serenity Sock collection, even the most rabid sock fiend will find something intriguing.

25% Bamboo, 25% Nylon, 50% Super Wash Merino
Yards: 230.0 Ounces: 1.76
Yarn Weight #1

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image description Serenity Sock yarn has been a huge hit - and I think that's because of both the variety and the quality of the yarn. I confess, I have NOT been caught up by the sock craze. My penchant for fast projects makes me less than the ideal candidate for size three needles and really skinny yarn. But I forced myself to give socks a try... More »


image description Golf Sock - Knit

Download HERE. More »


image description Who knew socks could be fun? My inbox if filled with people who say they are having a blast making socks with the Deborah Norville sock yarn. It's 'smart yarn,' computer dyed to create all sorts of fun patterns with no effort on your part! More »


image description You'll be knitting in no time thanks to Deborah's unique way of casting on.

Click to learn to KNIT, PURL and CAST ON! More »


image description You'll want to keep this for yourself. This lightweight crochet scarf is fashion forward and fun! Click the link below for the free pattern. More »



Who wants to spend $$ when they don't have to? Click through the files and see if there aren't some Premier/Deborah Norville patterns that intrigue you. I bet you do! More »