Soft Greens of Spring Are Here Serenity Garden

Save the Laundry

image description After yet another laundry disaster where someone didn't bother to read the labels, it occurred to me perhaps they don't know what the labels mean! Now YOU too can decode your laundry. More »

At Home: Outdoor Living

image description There is nothing more delicious than a covered patio on a hot summer day. This patio, shaded by 100 year old elm trees has been an oasis for the family who lives here. The monochromatic color scheme of blues offset by the greens of the adjacent boxwood garden make it a have on even the most oppressive of days. More »

Fun: Deb's Hair!

image description My email 'in-box' has been flooded with requests for the 'how to' on my new hair cut! I have no idea how to cut it, but click through for a sheet with pix you can give your stylist! CLICK »

Reality TV

A Girl Scout study shows the REAL impace of reality tv on girls. While not surprising, it IS eye-opening.
Teen girls who watch reality TV ARE impacted by what they see -their attitudes and expectations are changed. Teen girls who watch reality expect MORE drama, aggression, and bullying in their life, believe gossiping is normal -- AND -- say they are 'happier' when they have a boyfriend or significant other. Click for MORE. More »

Career Comments

With all the yakking about the Morning TV Wars, some of it invoking my name, it is interesting to note that once again the story line being fed to readers with a familiar breathless tone is Chicks Duke It Out On Morning TV.

Some perspective from someone who lived through this some years ago. There is nothing for me to gain by speaking out - except the personal satisfaction of knowing I spoke on behalf of these women when everyone else was silent. Read on ... More »

Pet Lovers News

image description Are you a pet lover but someone in your house is allergic?

GREAT NEWS: Fido and Fluffy might NOT be the cause of the sneezing! Read more HERE »

Decorate Green

image description Yes, bamboo is a wonderful environmentally friendly material, but that’s not what this is about. One of the ‘greenest’ ways to decorate is to find NEW uses for old things! More »

Spring Cleaning

image description Nobody wants to do it, but spring cleaning is most likely a necessity in all our homes. So break out the gloves and use these tips for a cleaner greener home this season! More »