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Depression Hurts

The tragic and unexpected death of Oscar winner Robin Williams has put a needed spotlight on depression and suicide. One in ten Americans will be depressed. The majority of suicides are older white men. But teens battle depression too. Here's what you need to know. Click for MORE. More »

Adorable Child's Sweater

image description This sweater is perfect for any little one. Worked up in my Serenity "Sprinkles" yarn, it is as fun to make as it is adorable to wear!

Click below for the free pattern! More »

Inside Edition Anniversary Book

image description Inside Edition is celebrating 25 years on the air and to mark the occasion, I've written a book, The Way We Are. It's a look at the things we've covered over the year, which is really a reflection of 'who we are.' Read more HERE Here »


image description Did you recently graduate or know someone who did? Landing a first job is no walk in the park. But I found the following discussion on the PBS website to be enlightening and encouraging. More »

Your Pictures: Oh the Places They'll Go

image description Have you ever copy and pasted a picture from Google images, or Facebook, or a Blog, or Pinterest? Easy right? Perhaps, too easy. Just as you can take an image from virtually anywhere on the Internet, so can strangers take yours. And unfortunately, they can end up in very unwanted locations. More »

Inside Edition Photo Shoot

image description Every few years, they take photos for Inside Edition to use for promotion, etc. It's always a glama-rama experience for me and as close to "Hollywood" as I'll ever get. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from our latest session! More »


My First Big Break - 2012