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Upcoming Appearances-

National Association of Broadcasters - Washington, D.C. -June 3rd

Deborah emcees event for the Celebration of Service to America Awards

Florida Department of Education - Orlando, FL -  July 11th

Deborah emcees Macy's Teacher of the Year Gala celebrating Florida's best teachers

A Word From Deborah ...

I love the opportunity to speak to groups and frequently get invited to do so. The other day, I decided to make a list of some of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure to address and my jaw dropped:  How did a kid from Dalton, Georgia end up in front of groups like this?  I’ve spoken to incredibly important corporate organizations like the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year gathering in Palm Desert, California where I get to debrief some of the top business minds in the nation.  Macy’s, Avon, GE, Seimens have all asked me to be a part of various corporate events as have associations of dentists, truckers, bankers, medical groups and hospitals, wall paper manufacturers, churches and lots of Chambers of Commerce and women’s groups. All diverse groups, all with much in common. We love to come together to talk about what really matters in life! 

Lately I have found these business groups are very interested in the information I discovered researching my books Thank You Power and The Power of RespectWith the economy the way it’s been, everyone is looking for ways to ‘get more’ out of their workers with less.  Showing gratitude to your team and treating them with respect has incredible research-proven results:  They’re smarter, come up with more creative ideas – and work longer, harder and enthusiastically.  You can see why businesses love to hear this message!

College groups are always a blast – even though to me, it seems like just a year or two since I was at the university, I realize that’s just not the case.  But I know how much it meant to me when I was  in school to hear from a professional who actually had experience in the field.  Their lectures were ones I treasured.           

Attending book signings for my children's books were always fun. Kids get so excited to have the "real" author's name on their book!                                            

This was a lovely afternoon with the nicest ladies in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Best fried chicken I'd had in a LONG time!


This was me at the International Women's Day in Phoenix. Don't you know even this far from home, I ran into an old pal from Georgia?


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