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Reporting for CBS in Tunis

After about a year on the radio, I figured my confidence (and my hairstyle) were such that I could give television another shot. God Bless CBS. Eric Ober and Howard Stringer hired me to report on Street Stories, a terrific newsmagazine fronted by Ed Bradley.

They took that show off the air (and I bet they've always regretted they did - the team did such wonderful reporting) but those of us who remained were assigned to America Tonight, another primetime magazine.

That show also eventually went off the air, but not before I had the chance to report an amazing story about an American woman who hired former Delta Force commandos to kidnap her son back from her Tunisian-born ex-husband.

Reporting that story was tremendously exciting but also a cause for soul searching: How could I leave my own family to go off reporting from the world's far corners?

That's when I joined INSIDE EDITION. My network experience and credibility came at a time when the show was making some changes - and the chance to anchor a daily broadcast based in New York meant I'd be home most of the time.

There are some assignments, great assignments, out of town: covering the crash of an American Airlines jet in Cali, Colombia or interviewing Paula Jones in her first wide-ranging interview about her lawsuit against the President .

Anchoring INSIDE EDITION-- September 16, 1997.

Hours after Mikaela Katharina was born, which incidentally was the same week "Back On Track: How To Straighten Out Your Life When It Throws You A Curve" was published. I was thrilled to see my first book in print - but admit the timing was terrible.






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