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A Second Chance

The homeless man with the Golden Voice, Ted Williams, has been given an amazing opportunity for a second chance. But that possibility is there for all of us -- and we don't need the national media to seize it! Read on ...

Something More

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found this book in my mailbox.  “Something More” by Chuck Adams is a wonderful read by a remarkable man who has quietly inspired me ever since I met him more than a decade ago.  I love the title:  Something More.  Don’t we all think there is something more out there for us? Read on . . .



We were privileged in our family to have in our lives, for all too brief a time, a wonderful mentor and educator.  Our son was assigned to him as an advisee, but tragically he died much too young of a massive heart attack.  His passing was devastating – to his family, his colleagues, his students, and the wider circle of which our family was a part.  In my grief, I wrote the following … it was of comfort to his widow and continues as a reminder to me that the bits we share of ourselves with others will continue long after we are gone.


©Deborah Norville


The world left behind was not missed

            Rough, unfriendly, unfeeling – it was not my land.

With eager anticipation I forged ahead

To a new place.  New opportunities.  A fresh start.

            A new land.

But – where to go?  How to find my way?

Branching out like veins on a leaf

The pathways of possibility were endless.

Many led to opportunity.  Experiences unimagined.

Success.  Serenity.

But not all.

            Lurking too, one sensed danger

The inadvertent misstep that could lead to lifelong regret

Friendly faces that might prove false.

Where to go?  How to find my way?

I look to the hills.  The mist rolls in

I look to the fields…verdant, green

Edifices to education stood like sentries

            Monitoring?  Or mocking my confusion.

Stately oaks bore silent witness to generations who precede.

            A falling leaf crossed my path

Where would I land as I fluttered through this place?

Where to go?  How to find my way?

The guide appeared.

            His eyes spoke of wisdom

            His smile revealed understanding

His hand gave comfort to my shoulder

‘Follow me,’ he said leading me toward a path.

Did he know where to go? 

My questions were met with a query

            ‘What do you think?’ asked the guide.

His probity pushed me.  ‘Ponder the consequences.’

            I learned to think.

Far from home, alone in the new land

Doubt overwhelmed.

  I falter.

The guide spoke quietly, reassuringly.

            My confidence grew

I stumbled and erred.

            Reproachless, the guide said, ‘Let us learn.’

‘Your inner voice speaks loudly,’ he said.

‘You must be silent to hear it.’

‘Completion does not come quickly,’ he said.

‘You must ask yourself – When is done?’

‘Your choices are many, but choose you must.

            Choose not the path of ease

But the trail that leads to truth.’

His eyes sparkle.  They are kind.

My exuberance propels me onwards.

            Onward.  But not always upward.

The guide smiles beneficently.

            ‘I too was once a boy’

Where to go?  How to find my way?

The guide takes me further down the path

            At times he leads.  At times I am pushed ahead.

As we travel, his wise eyes points out the stones I did not see

            Stones on which I would have stumbled.

He shines his light over desolate crannies

What I mistook for a quiet way station

            He shows to be a corner teaming with temptation.

The guide’s eyes help me see

            ‘I was once a boy’

We walk and the guide hears my heart.

            My fears.  My thrills.  My hopes.

He knows them – for they were once his.

            ‘I was once a boy –

I see myself in you.’

Could it be? 

            I am stunned by the guide’s admission.

For he knows where to go.  How to find the way.

Seasons change – the guide teaches me as we travel.

            We stop

I show him where I suspect danger is lurking.

            With a silent smile

He nods in affirmation.

            I realize with pride, the apprentice is learning.

The day grows cold and dark.

            The guide stops.

No further may he go.

The paths ahead are many

            The possibilities endless.

Where to go?  How to find my way?

The guide urges me onward

            He remains behind.

Haltingly – I step.

            I feel his wisdom.

He saw himself in me.

            I step once again.

I sense his blessing

I know where to go

            I will find the way

The guide still leads me

            He saw himself in me.  And he lives on ... there.

Deborah Norville