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The Power of Respect: Benefit From The Most Forgotten Element of Success

I find myself increasingly fascinated by what psychologists call “other focused” emotions.  There is incredible vitality generated by the act of concerning oneself with the well being of others.

The Power of Respect is a book that makes the case that ‘respect’ can make a meaningful measurable difference in business, relationships, education, and in one’s self-confidence.  Given what’s going on in the economy these days, the timing of its publication may be amazingly fortuitous.

As anchor of Inside Edition, I am on the front lines of the events of the world and increasingly, it seemed to me that so much of what we report has its roots in disrespectful behavior.  Often, I find myself thinking, ‘If people would just ‘do’ the right thing, we wouldn’t have all the problems.’  But only on rare occasion does one find people doing the right thing …because it’s ‘right. 

But --  human nature being what it is, people WILL act when they see ‘what’s in it for them.’  So – using the same formula I employed in Thank You Power, I delved into the academic research to see if anyone had found quantifiable benefits from treating others with respect – or when one received respect.  I was stunned not only by what I found, but by the breadth of respect’s impact.

 In Business – employees work longer, harder, and are more creative when theirs is a respectful work environment (defined as giving people the tools they need for their job, time to do it, and recognition for their efforts).  Even more stunning are stats that prove workers who’ve been respected are less likely to quit and tend not to sue – even when they are fired.   The book includes the front line stories of some of America’s most respected business leaders who’s track records prove the point.

In Education – I found how respect in schools can help schools ‘find’ additional teaching days, simply because time isn’t spent writing up discipline reports and sending kids to the principal’s office.  More impressive, test scores go UP!   Imagine a school so chaotic it was put on lockdown because of the riot in the parking lot.  In just three years, the Power of Respect made that school a place kids are sad to leave. I take you into schools where respect programs have made astonishing changes.

In Relationships – I found data that underscores how something as basic as common respect keeps marriages together and can help repair relationships that are broken.  I talk with a top marriage counselor for specifics and show you how in everyday interactions the Power of Respect is potent. 

There is no question, “respect” is the grease that can keep society moving smoothly – and in today’s challenging economic times, it’s more needed than ever.  Especially when you look at its price tag:  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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